***Not long after posting this, the “The Look of Maps” appears to have been removed from archive.org”***

ESRI Press have announced they will be re-printing Arthur H. Robinson’s classic book “The Look of Maps: An Examination of Cartographic Design“.  The book begins with the following quote from William Morris Davis:

“It is just as important to study the proper and effective use of various forms of graphic presentation, as it is to study the values of different methods, treatments, grades, and forms of verbal presentation”.

This quote, like much of the advice in the book, cipro online prescription remains as relevant today as it did 50 years ago. I think it is great that ESRI Press are investing in re-printing “classic” works as it is often nice to own them as a printed version. However, books are expensive, especially if you are a cash strapped student and there is a free alternative available. In this case the book can be freely downloaded from archive.org. Download Link. Archive.org is a great resource and I am sure there are many hidden gems on there to be discovered.