R is becoming an invaluable tool for spatial data. Here are some useful tips and worksheets for handling spatial data in R. I aim to keep adding to the list and I welcome suggestions and contributions to add to this popular resource.

If you don’t know what R is, or need to install it. Please click here to visit the R CRAN website.

About The Example Data.

Intro to Handling Spatial Data with R.

Starting Analysis and Visualisation of Spatial Data with R.

Introduction to Spatial Data and ggplot2.

A Crash Course in R.

Creating a map with R.

Creating a map with R using ggplot2.

Compex Maps with ggplot2.

R Interface to Google Charts (Gapminder Style).

R Interface to Google Charts (Mapping).

Exporting KML from R to create maps in Google Earth.

Clipping/ extracting a surface to within a polygon. Includes dissolving polygons.

Writing a spatial function: The Location Quotient.

Creating a TreeMap.

Installing rgdal on Mac OS X.

Mapping Great Circles with R.

Mapping Twitter Followers with R (external site).

Using R as a GIS.

Relevant Book Reviews:

Applied Spatial Data Analysis with R.

Lattice: Multivariate Data Visualization with R.