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Posted by on Nov 6, 2014 in Resources, Spatial Analysis, Visualisation | 11 comments

DataShine Update

Back in June Oliver O’Brien and I launched an interactive census map called DataShine. It has been hugely successful with a core of regular users in addition to many visitors passing who want to learn more about their area or a specific dataset. As we said back in June, the website is a work in progress so we are always looking to add new features. Two of these – local area rescaling of the colour key and data download – were launched recently at the UK Data Service‘s Census Research User Conference hosted by the Royal Statistical Society. Both are in response to people’s need to zoom in and look at particular patterns for their area without worrying about other parts of the country. Census data can also be tricky to find if you don’t know all the codes or table structures so we hope that offering simple access via the map will help users a lot. So next time you use DataShine look out for the buttons highlighted below…


To learn more about these features, in particular the local area rescaling see our blog post here.

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