Spin Off Tube Maps

I am currently reading Denis Wood’s excellent “Rethinking the Power of Maps“. In it he draws attention to Geoff Marshall‘s silly underground maps project. The project, and subsequent legal challenge from TFL, had completely passed me by. The website (now hosted here) contains as series of excellent spin off maps from Harry Beck’s famous original. I have blogged about Beck inspired maps before, but not ones that maintain the familiar layout of the map. Of course the most famous spin off is Simon Patterson‘s “The Great Bear“, a copy of which is hanging in my Geography Department. As for Geoff Marshall’s compilation I highlight a couple of may favourites below. The first is of practical use and will give those new to London a head start in the nuances of the Tube Map; it shows those stations that are quicker to walk between.

I would hate to think how long the map below took. Each standard station name has been re-written as an anagram.

My final favourite is a German version of the map. I like this because it made me really think about literal translations of the station names and how odd some of them really are.

Click here for the full collection.