How to…do geography

When I was digging around some back-up files on my computer I came across this “How to…” published by the Guardian Newspaper in 2007. With many new geography students starting their respective courses in the coming weeks and many potential students considering applications to the subject in the coming months this may prove a useful guide. It’s a pretty good summary of the discipline (although I don’t know many human geographers interested in trams and of course there is no mention of GIS).  Click

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here, or image, for full size.

In case you were wondering, to my knowledge, geographers still haven’t worked out why the sea fits so snugly around the coastline…

Before I dust down my corduroy jacket in preparation for the geography conference season, the article reminds me of the “what is geography?” question I prepared an answer for when applying for my undergrad. degree. If only I had thought of an answer as concise as Starbucks…

Photo from Isla Johns