Featured Map: "Non-British Names Map"

I wanted to avoid the misleading effects of poorly selected spatial units and inappropriate data categorisation in my next Featured Map. I produced it for a forthcoming CASA Working Paper to inform my analysis of general surname trends in Great Britain by accounting for areas of large numbers of “non-British” names. By running Electoral Roll data through UCL’s Onomap classification I was able to classify people’s names according to their origin, and extract all the names that were not classified as “English”, premier-pharmacy.com/product/crestor/ “Scottish”, “Welsh” and “Cornish”. This method is, of course, not completely perfect but it provides very good context to my analysis. I have opted for 10 categories and small spatial units (Output Areas) to emphasise the clustering of  “non-British” names around urban centres. Reproducing the map at Admin. District level gives the impression that the most of Britain is inhabited by people with “non-British” names- something that is clearly not the case.

Non-british names map