AutoStitch iphone

Whilst it is not my intention to write a technology blog, I do want to reflect some of my broader interests. For this reason I have devoted this post to the very impressive AutoStitch iphone application. AutoStitch was developed originally for PCs/ Macs as a powerful method of creating panoramic photos. Unlike many other photo stitching tools, the software can handle multiple rows of photos and does not require users to partially align and order the input images before stitching. I found AutoStitch to be very effective and have used it to create very large images from multiple 10 megapixel photos. Best of all the software can be freely downloaded from here and requires no installation.
I was therefore excited to hear that the developers of AutoStitch have created an application (cost £1.19) that enables users to stitch and crop photos on their iphone. I tested the application yesterday.
I took the following photos from Waterloo Bridge, London. Stitching the images (3 in the top photo, 3 x 2 in the bottom photo) together and cropping them took less than a minute on my iphone 3GS (16GB).IMG_0052


I was very impressed with the final panoramas. The iphone (and other thin cameras) are well suited to panoramic photography as the pupil of the lens will naturally be above the centre of rotation when the camera is moved (providing the photographer stays still and has a steady hand!). This means that AutoStitch does not have to correct for large amounts of parallax error when stitching the images. In addition, by enabling users to stitch panoramas on the spot they can assess the quality of the panoramas and re-take any photos that were wonky or without sufficient overlap. Finally, thanks to AutoStitch  it is now possible for the mobile uploading of panoramic images to websites without the need for users to create the panoramas on a PC first.